About this website

Lerum municipality's website will help you find the right choice between the municipality's offerings and its activities.

Here you will find out what is happening in the municipality, what service it offers, how the municipality is governed and what rules and obligations apply. On the website you will also find forms, governing documents, news, articles and much more about the municipality of Lerum.

The site is primarily aimed at the municipality's inhabitants. Other important target groups and stakeholders are, for example, business, other communities and people who are looking to settle, visit or work in Lerum. The site is also accessible for disabled.

Photographers on the site

The main images of the homepage are taken by: Stefan Larsson and Emelie Asplund.


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How do I use www.lerum.se?

The site consists of eight main areas: Education and Child Care, Building, Living and Environment, Traffic, Road and Travel, Business and Work, Support and Care, Municipalities and Politics, Experience and Do, as well as Leading Environmental Affairs.

These areas are always visible on the entire site, except on the pages of the schools. When you click on a main area, a menu will open that will guide you to subject groups within the main area you clicked. When you click on a topic group, submenus open which will lead you further. You can always see the menu or above the main content where you are on the site.

On several of the pages there is easy-to-read text. All pages have the ability to use the Listen, Print, Contact and Help functions to improve. When you click to help us get better, you can leave comments that have with the page's topic to do.

At the bottom of the site's pages is an AZ list that offers you another way to find the information you are looking for. There are all pages on www.lerum.se listed, but not all school pages. Synonyms have also been added to help you to the right page.

You can also search for what you're looking for by using "SEARCH" at the top of the site's pages.

Below the text of the information pages you will find Read more - where you can click links to other sites that concern the subject the text addresses. Under the text you will also find Download where you can download documents and pdf files that concern the content of the text.


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PDF files

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Questions and opinions

If you have questions or comments, please send an e-mail to webmaster@lerum.se

Information about personal data

Click here to find out more about the municipality's processing of personal data.