What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small textfile which the website you are visiting wants to save on your hard drive. Cookies are used on many websites to give visitors access to multiple operations.

Cookies also makes it possible to read a users Internet surfing history.

Cookies on lerum.se

On lerum.se two different cookies are used:

1) If you are posting or responding on a form a cookie is sent to your hard drive. In that way we can keep track if you have sent an answer from your computer or not.

2) the session cookie, is only used to handle your choices on our website, for instance language choices (Swedish/English).

The session cookie disappears from your harddrive when you close your browser while usual cookies is saved for a longer time on your hard drive. If you do not accept cookies some of the website's operations will not function.

If you would like information from the Municipality of Lerum without using our website, you are welcome to contact the citizen's office KomIn, phone: 0302-52 20 00 or e-mail: komin@lerum.se

How do I turn off cookies?

Your browser can be adjusted to automatically deny cookies for you or to inform you whether a website uses cookies or not. It is also possible to erase history information about cookies in your browser. Please read your browser's help pages for more information!

What does Swedish law say about cookies?

At Post och telestyrelsens website you will find more information about cookies.